About Us

We aim to provide all high school students a chance to delve into hands-on research so that they can understand how science works.


Need help deciding what kind of research you want to do? Can't find the right place to work at? Not sure what to do? Get started here.


Our advisers consist of undergraduate and graduate students with a commitment to fostering curiosity and translating dedication into success. Interested in joining us? Find out more.

Welcome to Insider Science!

There is a growing demand to improve science education in the U.S. in order to promote a larger workforce of skilled scientists who can solve the many problems of the world. More importantly, a facilitating social network is clearly needed in order to keep these students motivated to pursue a career in the sciences. Therefore, Insider Science aims to work individually with high school students across the United States who are interested in obtaining invaluable research experience. Our goal is to to promote a greater interest in science by exposing students to hands-on research at a younger age and, through the development of an extensive community of scientists spanning all generations and backgrounds, providing the necessary guidance to allow everyone to excel and achieve at the highest possible level.